LinkedIn Recruiting Strategies You’ll Fall in Love With

LinkedIn is a great resource for recruiters and candidates because of the vast options available to each group. It is considered the most professional of the social networks and therefore it’s a perfect place to locate your next hire or your next job. Here are some LinkedIn recruiting strategies that can be used by anyone to increase their impact.

1. Join Groups

Groups are a great way to increase your overall reach. You can share relevant articles, get into discussions with industry pros and network without expectations. As a candidate, you should try to join groups that your ideal employer would join so that you can show your expertise. As a recruiter, you should join groups in order to stay up-to-date on the latest recruitment trends and to promote your social presence to potential applicants.

2. Use Keyword Searches

Keywords are a fabulous resource! As a candidate, you can use keywords to find out if the dream position you’ve been looking for is being actively recruited for on LinkedIn and you can add certain keywords into your own profile so that recruiters can find you. For instance, if you are looking for a job in the healthcare information technology field, you should make sure to include that in your professional summary. Here is a sample summary: Professional healthcare information technology professional seeking opportunities within respected hospital systems.

Alternatively, as a recruiter, keyword searches are incredibly useful for finding passive candidates that may not have applied for an open position. Once you locate a potential applicant, you can build a relationship with them via the network and direct them to apply on your company’s ATS or on LinkedIn directly.

3. Optimize Your Profile

In a previous article, A New You! Rebranding Your Recruitment Persona, we discussed the importance of personal recruitment branding. Branding yourself is just as important as branding your company. As a candidate, LinkedIn provides you with the opportunity to upload a cover photo, a profile picture and much more! Make sure you imagery is professional and representative of the person are. It is also important to keep your work history, certifications, awards, and references up-to-date as you never know what a recruiter might be looking for.

When it comes to recruiters, it’s extremely important that you come across as professional both in image and in word since you could be the first connection candidates interact with. Those candidates will form opinions about where you work based on your recruitment persona, so make sure to stay active, engage and keep it work-related to make the most out of your LinkedIn experience.

While LinkedIn also offers pay-per-click advertising to target candidate profiles and basic paid job posting options, you should keep in mind that not all candidates are actively looking at those kinds of listings or ads. The passive candidates will be much more likely to engage with a paid job posting after speaking with a recruiter and conversely, recruiters like to see active, social candidates. So, whether you’re looking for a job or trying to find the perfect person to fill a position, consider all the possibilities LinkedIn has to offer.

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