NEPRA Launches a New Website for 2016

Over the past few months, Harger Howe’s team has been working with the Northeast Physician Recruiter Association (NEPRA) team to launch a new, comprehensive website for their organization. In addition to providing a registration portal for the NEPRA Conference 2016, the new site features a fully functional member payment system and will function as a resource for potential and existing members.

NEPRA’s President Laura Schofield said, “the website was created in 2000 and had not been changed until this year so it was one of my goals to get this done before I left office.”

Working together with the NEPRA team was an incredibly positive experience for us here at the agency. Mike Walsh, Harger Howe’s President said, “an organization like NEPRA is a very valuable resource for many of our clients and the physician recruiters throughout the Northeast. I am glad our agency was able to support their “web committee” by developing an effective, contemporary site that works well for the members, the NEPRA committee and all their vendors.”

Here are some of the thoughts that came out of this project:

Working with Harger Howe

“They approached this project with enthusiasm and creative ideas.  They were more than willing to listen to our thoughts, coach us and really collaborate to make a great product.” ~Melissa Hale, Chair of the Web Committee for NEPRA

“I found everyone to be extremely helpful and willing to accommodate our requests. Responses were timely and came after hours and on weekends!” ~Nicole Goswami, NEPRA Treasurer

“We did contact three possible vendors for a request for proposal (RFP) and Harger Howe was very responsive and incredibly helpful to work with.” ~Laura Schofield, NEPRA President

The Thought and Design Process

“We wanted our website to be more a resource for our members. We were hoping that members would find the organization more valuable with a new and improved website.” ~Nicole Goswami, NEPRA Treasurer

“Building the new NEPRA site was a rewarding experience from both a web design and web development perspective. There were many pieces that had to fit together in order for the site to function intuitively for both the site users and the administrators. NEPRA got in the end was a more automated interface that organizes all of their memberships, transactions and resources into one place, making things easier to manage for everyone.” ~Ken McHugh, Graphic & Web Designer, Harger Howe

"We wanted to create a site that would be easier to use for members while also streamlining the administration of NEPRA’s events and memberships.” ~Matt Walsh, Director of Client Service, Harger Howe

The New NEPRA Website

“The new website is much more functional and will especially make our treasurers job much easier since now all members will register for the organization and for our annual conference online. I also love that there are parts of it that we can edit ourselves as needed.” ~Melissa Hale, Chair of the Web Committee for NEPRA

“NEPRA was in desperate need of a new website. Everything was done manually and extremely time consuming. The new website allows our organization to run reports, track member status and gives our members the opportunity to manage their own accounts. It also helps provide a uniform platform to communicate important information like our upcoming annual conference. As the Treasurer, I am so excited to have this information organized in one spot! My life has become so much better thanks to Harger Howe.” ~Nicole Goswami, NEPRA Treasurer

"What we have created really allows NEPRA to showcase all the great and member and partnerships that make up such a great it such an incredible organization” ~Matt Walsh, Director of Client Service, Harger Howe


The new NEPRA site is live at: Please feel free to send us feedback and let us know if you have a similar site building project in mind.

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