Why Inbound Recruitment Marketing is the Answer

For years, businesses (especially applicant tracking system organizations) have hailed the new technological advancements in recruiting. They convinced companies to sign on for a more automated recruitment process bucketing candidates by keywords and other parameters. However, as a job seeker, those advanced functions can be extremely frustrating and limiting.

If you are old enough - and by no means do we mean “old” as many different age groups can understand this - you probably experienced an age of recruitment where you could sell yourself. Candidates are more than a collection of skills on resume. They are people and deserve to be treated as such. However, with the ever-growing popularity of screening software, the human touch in recruitment is dying and job seekers do not appreciate that.

According the Society of Human Resource Management’s article, Randstand’s recent report showed all of the following:

  • 95 percent said technology should be used to assist the recruiting experience, not replace it.
  • 87 percent said technology has made looking for a job more impersonal.
  • 82 percent said the ideal interaction with a company is one where innovative technologies are used behind the scenes and come second to personal, human interaction.

So with the limited time and massive amount of searches that recruiters manage, how can we marry technology and humanity? Inbound recruitment marketing! This method allows employers to foster ongoing engagement with candidates at all stages of the recruitment journey. Here’s how:

Talent Communities


By setting up a form with simple fields that automatically sorts candidates based on interest and skills, recruiters can get a snapshot of a job seeker and match them with an appropriate position.

Maybe the position in question doesn’t exist yet, but they can build a relationship with a recruiter early on. Maybe the role is about to be posted and you don’t need to run a full scale advertising campaign. Perhaps you can push out an email to a person who may know another qualified person.

Gathering inbound recruitment marketing leads can be a fiscally smart and human way to build a candidate pipeline!

Job Alerts


While job alerts can be tied to Talent Community fields, they can also be sent to your existing contacts or past applicants by using all-inclusive inbound recruitment marketing software. If someone has applied previously for an administrative position, it’s very possible that they will open an email alert with other similar job titles or forward it to other potential candidates.

Job alerts are incredibly easy to send to a large group of people when all of your data is housed in a powerful system based on personalization.

Social Pulse


Inbound recruitment marketing software also integrates your social media posting options. But, more importantly it tracks interactions and you can respond right inside the software! Keeping an eye on engagement and responding in a timely manner is key to understanding your audience candidate and converting them to leads (not applies – you can do that later when you know they are the person you are looking for). You can “listen” and learn from your audience with this kind of technology.

Stop wasting your time switching platforms, remembering multiple passwords, and cross-referencing the CRM…you can do it all. in. one. place! And, this level of engagement will make the candidate feel responded to…something distinctly lacking in the modern recruitment process.


In order to recruit well and in a human manner, it’s important to understand all stages of the job seeker’s journey, which is why we made this free e-book!

The Job Seeker's Journey