End of Summer Recruitment Options

The dog days of summer are drawing to a close and Fall is setting in. We’ve already discussed what you can do in the busy Fall recruitment season, but today we’d like to explain your last minute, end of summer recruitment options.

1. Hire Your Interns


Internships often end in August as the new school year starts during the last few days of that month or in early September. Take advantage of this time and hire interns who can either work in a part-time capacity while attending college or, have already graduated. There are bound to be standout candidates who you can add to your roster. And, the best thing about hiring them is you know they’re well-trained, you know their qualifications and you know their availability. Tap into that pool before they start applying elsewhere!

2. Enroll Students

Though internships might be ending, now is the perfect time to start ramping up an in-house training program. Choose an area you need to recruit for such as Nurse Assistants, or Medical Technicians and design a program around the need. These sorts of program are valuable to those wishing to break into the field and can produce many top performers for a low cost.

3. Hold on to What You Have


They always say you don’t know what you have til it’s gone. Well, that’s especially true with employee retention. Without a great retention rate, you will not be able to successfully recruit. No one likes to join a company that is constantly turning over their staff. And, per Recruiter.com, “According to the 2017 Emerging Workforce Study from employment agency Spherion Staffing. As much as 25 percent of the workforce may seek new job opportunities by the end of the summer, the study shows.”

That same article recommended that you show your employees that you value them now so that you don’t lose them. We recommend following their advice!

4. Referrals

Are you maintaining your staff without issues? Great! That means you’re making them happy! If that’s the case, solicit employee referrals for open roles.

Of course it’s best to offer some sort of referral incentive to employees (they’ll have more motivation to help), but in general, asking for them to submit people they think would be a good fit is a quick, easy and often highly successful strategy for recruitment. Also – if you hire a colleague or friend of theirs, they’ll know you value their opinion!

5. Do a Branding Push

Before Fall starts, get your company in front of potential hires. Focus on recruitment brand identity and major areas of need and make sure to use every platform possible. Direct mail, email blasts, formal letters, job postings on niche sites, - all of it. However, if you’re in a time crunch, good options include Facebook, Indeed and other pay-per-click platforms.


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