Why Winter is the Time to Start Using Inbound Recruitment Marketing

The Winter breaks for kids are upon us, the holiday shopping is making you stressed, the roads are full of more traffic than usual, the end of year tasks are mounting…we hear you! The thing is, though our Winter task lists seem to have no end, there is one item you should make sure to accomplish. Sign on for an inbound recruitment marketing retainer.

We get it…we’re a recruitment advertising agency. Of course we would love some year end inbound marketing retainer wins, right? Well yes, that’s true! However, starting to use inbound recruitment marketing during the Winter would ultimately be to your benefit, not ours. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Money, Money, Money - MONEY!

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End of year budgets always have a bit of wiggle room. NOW is the time to pitch this new idea to the Director of Recruitment. Alternatively, the end of December also coincides with the finalizing of recruitment marketing budgets, so promoting this strategy now may be easier for you even if it means actually starting the process later on. Get down to brass tacks with your boss and show them why inbound is the way to compete in a pro-candidate employment market.

2. Don’t Get Left Behind - Recruitment is Changing! 

We’re not going to lie to you. Other people are using inbound marketing. It’s one of the most viable strategies in recruitment. Recruitment can be a loose term. It can mean employee recruitment, client recruitment and so much more. So whether you are looking to source IT professionals, physicians, sales representatives or even find people who want to join a retirement community, now is the time to consider the strategy.

Here is a great example of a company that you might not realize is using inbound recruitment marketing:

Wentworth Senior Living

Wentworth Senior Living

Senior living arrangements are one of the most important things that any family has to deal with. We assume Wentworth Senior Living made the choice to use an inbound marketing software program in order to better serve their client base. In the screenshot above, you will note that they are adding value and attracting potential residents in an engaging way. AKA: Recruitment! This method allows them to disseminate information that their ideal audience needs to make their important residency decision without forcing a hard sell. 

*Disclaimer: Wentworth Senior Living is not a client of Harger Howe. They are being cited as an example for the purposes of explaining how mainstream inbound recruitment marketing is becoming vital in today’s world.

3. You Want It! You NEED It! You’ll Love It. 

Look, the thing is, when inbound marketing was just coming out it seemed “cool,” but since then it has become SO much more! It’s become the way to sell to a customer. If your customer is a candidate and you are a recruiter, the best way to “sell” them a career is by showing them all the information they need to make an informed career move. You need this! People don’t take jobs that are shrouded in mystery. They want to know what makes your company valuable to them and in order for you to promote that you need to be found.  

Inbound recruitment marketing is a way to provide value to candidates without forcing them to engage. This sort of recruitment strategy will yield informed, qualified candidates. That’s what all recruiters want, right? 

Inbound recruitment marketing will ultimately save you time and money. And, it will make you more approachable as a company. Start 2017 off right by choosing to sign on for an inbound recruitment marketing retainer.

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