A Healthcare Recruitment Microsite is Not as Micro As You May Think

When we concept microsites for clients they are often initially confused by the term “microsite.” While micro implies small, small is not entirely the case when it comes to some sites. For instance, healthcare recruitment microsites or healthcare careers microsites as some would call them are meant to be a resource for candidates. They include many options for learning all about a company and the roles within it, but are not encumbered by the information featured on a larger company site.

So why should you build a microsite for healthcare recruitment? Well, actually we think you should build several and here’s why.

1. You Can Curate Content

While there are certain commonalities for any recruitment microsite including About the Area, a blog and contact information for recruiters, when it comes to healthcare there are several specific areas that stand out.

  • Providers – this sort of microsite can cater to Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants. It could contain benefits specifically available to providers, information about starting a career as a physician at your healthcare system, credentialing and more. Providers can use this sort of microsite as an all-inclusive resource for their career search.
  • Nurses – Nurses love to learn about healthcare system specific practice models, in-house float nursing programs, and different aspects of the individual departments. A nursing microsite allows you to serve up relevant information that will get nurses interested in working for you.
  • Allied Health – Allied Health can be divided further depending on your recruitment goals, but according to HealthTimes is defined as, “a term used to describe the broad range of health professionals who are not doctors, dentists or nurses.  Allied health professionals aim to prevent, diagnose and treat a range of conditions and illnesses and often work within a multidisciplinary health team to provide the best patient outcomes.” We tend to recommend Allied Health be an all-inclusive category with the exception of event-specific sites created when the need arises. In that event, you can create a one or two page microsites for recruitment events.

Ultimately, the more you segment and make sure you are delivering specific content, the better your response rate will be.

2. You Can Remove Barriers

Larger websites are confusing and they are generally meant for the patient population rather than those interested in employment. Don’t let recruitment be an afterthought. Put it at the forefront of a candidate’s mind. Make applying for your position easy! A recruitment microsite provides a simple application that is routed to an appropriate recruiter and is quickly turned around. That’s how you make a informed hire, efficiently.


3. Reporting is Just Better

Recruitment microsites allow us to provide recruiters with comprehensive lists of applicants by job as well as automatically generated emails to recruiters from the time an application is received. In fact, depending on how it is set up, we can even report on how the applicant found the initial posting. This type of data is available via analytics tracking and inbound recruitment marketing.

4. Employee Appreciation

There’s another type of site that doesn’t get talked about often, but it’s a highly successful model; employee appreciation. These sorts of microsites promote stories that are provided by the executive healthcare staff or are given freely by system-wide employees. It’s a place that encourages a sense of community and rewards those who work the hardest within a healthcare network. Some items that can be included are: awards, stories, videos and referral programs. We highly recommend starting a program and microsite like this that links to other relevant microsites to invigorate existing employees and attract new ones via company culture promotion and recruitment branding.



Would you like to learn more about the elements of a successful healthcare recruitment microsite? We have tip sheet specific to nurse recruitment that you can download for free.

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