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Nurse Retention Tactics You Need to Know for 2019

Is your hospital or health care system struggling with nurse retention? If so, you aren’t alone. According to the most recent National Healthcare Retention and Registered Nurse (RN) Staffing report, the last recorded nurse turnover rate reached 16.8%, which was a two percent increase over the year…


4 Things You Should Consider if You Want to Recruit Millennial Nurses

More and more millenials are entering the nursing workforce, but that doesn't make recruiting them any easier! Here are our four best tips to help you attract and maintain the millenial nursing talent you need.


How Nurse Recruiters Can Make a Lasting Impression on RNs

As most nurse recruiters are well aware, we are in the process of an ever-increasing nursing shortage. And, as the shortage gets more dire, it ultimately falls to recruiters to find ways to prove to nurses that their healthcare system is the place they should choose to work in the long-term. To put…


A Healthcare Recruitment Microsite is Not as Micro As You May Think

When we concept microsites for clients they are often initially confused by the term “microsite.” While micro implies small, small is not entirely the case when it comes to some sites. For instance, healthcare recruitment microsites or healthcare careers microsites as some would call them are meant…


Happy Nurses Could Lower Your Recruitment Costs and Readmission Rates

AMN Healthcare provides excellent insights when it comes to nurse recruiting and retention strategies. I was pleased to note that two of their recent articles addressed the issues of nurse happiness and travel nurse utilization.


Nurse Recruitment Strategies for the Modern Healthcare Recruiter

In the past, recruiting was different. Many nurses were probably hired as young people in their twenties and often worked at the same hospital for their whole life. But times are different now and they're changing fast. Nurses are in high demand at every hospital and we are experiencing a…