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4 Things You Should Consider if You Want to Recruit Millennial Nurses

More and more millenials are entering the nursing workforce, but that doesn't make recruiting them any easier! Here are our four best tips to help you attract and maintain the millenial nursing talent you need.


How to Keep Your Millennial Workforce from Burning Out

I recently read an article from called Hey Millennials, Stop Killing the Vacation! Immediately upon seeing that headline I knew I had to click. A lot of the time I see articles about job-hopping millennials or replacing the baby boomer workforce with my generation, but it isn’t often that a…


3 Dynamic Strategies for New Graduate Recruitment

In May, SHRM published an article called Class of 2016 College Graduate Hiring Forecast Best in 10 Years. In that article they stated that 2/3 of employers will be hiring new college graduates, which is an increase of 2% over 2015 (good news for paying off student loans!) In fact, “more than half…