Exciting Recruitment Marketing Updates in January 2017

In the digital world updates happen literally overnight. Between candidate screenings and strategy meetings it can be hard to keep up with the rollercoaster of improvement. That’s why we’ve chosen to update you on some of the most important recruitment marketing changes from this month in one easy format.

The LinkedIn Desktop Redesign

According to LinkedIn’s Chris Pruett this redesign is, “the largest desktop redesign since LinkedIn’s inception.” LinkedIn made changes to make sure the platform promoted discussions, sharing and of course, content that provides value to its members. The changes include:

  • Messaging Cross-integration
    The new way messaging will work on LinkedIn is in “real-time.” Meaning, it won’t matter what area of the site you are browsing, the messaging feature will be usable there. There will also be “ice breaker” prompt to generate more active conversations with connections.
  • Relevant Content
    Much like Facebook, LinkedIn is reworking their algorithm to give users relevant content to make their experience better.
  • Search Will Change
    Pruett said, “you now have one universal search box to easily find people, jobs, companies, groups and schools. You can refine your search by using filter options on the right hand side, with the ability to search posts coming soon.”
  • Content Insights
    Much like the Who Has Viewed Your Profile option, you will now be able to track the details of who is enjoying the content that you share.     
  • Profile Tips
    LinkedIn profiles are something that should be kept up-to-date, but many don’t know what to add, so LinkedIn is adding in hints like Suggested Skills to help make it easier.

These updates will make LinkedIn more intuitive both for recruiters and candidates. Hopefully, it will encourage more network engagement across the board.

There are many more details to this update that we suggest you read here 

Twitter Moves Towards Video

You may have heard of Twitter’s Moments section, which is basically curated content from the top accounts as well as big news stories, but what you might not know is that they recently decided to give it a new home. According to Mashable, “In its (Moments) place, the company is adding a new tab called "explore," which surfaces a wider variety of content, including trending topics, live video and, yes, Moments.”

This change is clearly a strategic move on Twitter’s part to get in on the video power of social networking, which means that companies should consider sharing more video on this network in the future.

You can read more about the change here

Facebook’s Ad Reach is Even BIGGER

We recommend Facebook for a wide range of recruitment needs from hiring events to individual postings. The network has consistently garnered a large amount of clicks (especially in patient acquisition and retail areas), but now the network can reach over one billion people! This increase is a direct result of the introduction of the Facebook Audience Network (FAN).

Facebook stated, “Today (January 12, 2017), we’re excited to share that over one billion people see an ad through Audience Network every month.1 This reach is a testament to the growth and diversity of our publisher partnerships. As new publishers join Audience Network, the number of connection points between people and businesses grows. In fact, advertisers who opt into Audience Network can reach 16% more people on average than they could by advertising on Facebook and Instagram.2

All this really means is that you need to consider using Facebook for recruitment if you aren’t already using it. The fact is, it’s where people are and that doesn’t look like it will change anytime soon.

Read more about the advertising reach increase here


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