Increase Your Recruitment Reach with Facebook Live

We don’t think it’s a secret that Harger Howe as an agency is teeming with excitement for our next INBOUND experience. Last time we attended, we had the distinct pleasure of hearing a talk by Mari Smith who is known as the queen of Facebook. Recently, Mari put together a great article for Social Media Examiner about increasing the reach of Facebook Live videos and since we loved it so much, we wanted to share some highlights that are directly applicable to our recruitment marketing demographic.

Rank Higher

So why should recruiters be utilizing Facebook Live? Well, one of the answers is simple: live video ranks higher in the Facebook Newsfeed. Ranking higher allows more of your candidate audience to see your content, so broadcasting regularly is important to a comprehensive Facebook recruitment strategy. 

Ongoing Engagement 

There’s another absolutely incredible reason to use Facebook Live, and it’s the lasting effect it has on engagement. In fact, Mari mentions that, “two-thirds of Facebook Live video views happen after the fact [of a broadcast].” 

So in addition to nabbing online attention with Live, you are also creating a piece that lasts for other candidates to enjoy. For instance, if you broadcast one of your recruiters answering questions about your company, the Live broadcast will help those active candidate with their direct questions and the post-broadcast recording will help more passive candidates learn about other company details.


In a world centered around data, metrics are essential. Facebook houses a lot of quality metrics and Facebook Live is no exception. Mari provided some screenshots, which we recommend you check out for a visual perspective, but the super exciting part of the Insights area is that you can learn all of the following: Peak Live Viewers, Minutes Viewed, Unique Viewers, Video Views, 10-Second Views and Average % Completion.

This kind of data is key to understanding what resonates with your candidate audience. Really diving into these metrics will allow you to make a better impact on the types of candidates you want to reach and will help you weed out post types that are not creating engagement. 


We highly recommend you read the rest of Mari’s article here to understand the full list of recruitment advertising possibilities you have at your disposal with this platform as well as how to make your posts as effective as possible. 

On another note, if you haven’t started a Facebook recruiting presence for your brand, we recommend that you start by creating a Social Media Careers Page. If you need quality examples of successful pages, consider checking out the resource below.

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