Non-Social Media Ways to Conduct Effective Recruitment Marketing

 As we are an integrated recruitment marketing agency, we talk a lot about digital media including social networking, however, one of the most important things to remember when you start creating a recruitment budget is that one platform is not enough. Recruitment marketing is always more effective if it is run consistently instead of reactively and across a comprehensive array of media both online and offline.

Recently, Patrick Schock wrote a compelling piece about offline source called 10 Offline Marketing Strategies That Still Work Today that addressed this important area. In light of that article, we’d like to share parts of it that we’ve found useful both in marketing our agency and conducting effective recruitment marketing campaigns for our clients.

1. Business Cards


Whenever we attend conferences, we go with a stack of business cards. In the case of our clients we customize the cards with different backs and tag lines so that they can reach a variety of candidates.

In the digital age, people tend to disregard the value of business cards. But, as Schock mentions, “for such a tiny object, business cards hold huge potential.” They offer a lot of information that is tangible, but more importantly, if someone hands you a card, it means you had a face to face interaction, which is less common these days with the rise of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

2. Public Speaking


Schock noted in his article that public speaking “leaves a lasting impression with peers who share a position in your industry and creates a visual representation of your business.” As part of our regular agency marketing efforts, our President Mike Walsh routinely speaks at events that center around recruitment.

Most recently he spoke at New England Society for Healthcare Communications (NESCO) and at Association of Staff Physician Recruiters (ASPR) about Building an Effective Recruitment Brand Identity. This year, we hope to have him present at two different conferences about inbound marketing and how it is vital for recruitment.

We consider this public speaking an educational obligation to our community that helps our recruitment industry at large. We are always looking for opportunities to share our experience and learn.

In addition to this public speaking garnering us respect within the industry, it has helped us gain valuable contacts and many customer leads. Conversely, recruiters who speak at conferences are seen as thought leaders and will be better known throughout their sector. This personal recruiter brand building helps individual recruiters and the companies they recruit for.

3. Press Releases and Direct Mail


Reaching candidates in their native environments is crucial to a comprehensive strategy, which is why we still believe in the classic submission of press releases and the use of direct mail. We routinely send out recruitment pieces for our clients via direct mail and have seen them be very successful. As Schock mentioned, “you’d be surprised how many people prefer physical offers.”

4. Events


We routinely write about the value of creating and maintaining a nurturing workplace culture for your staff. In companies where this culture exists, it is important to celebrate it by rewarding your team. Schock says to, “take the opportunity to acknowledge your team and encourage future successes. Your celebrations are bound to catch the attention of your target audience and secure you some future business.”  Think of it this way, wouldn’t you want to work for a company that cares about their workers?

In our experience, the options above have been very effective and we encourage you to include them in your next budget.


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