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Recruiting Trends – Be Prepared for Job-Hoppers

As early as 2015 TLNT HR was reporting in their blog “Hiring Job Hoppers: 10 Reasons Why They Are So Very Valuable” that, “changing jobs frequently has become the norm rather than the exception.” The fact is, the new norm is being open to many career opportunities and “hopping” when a better one…


2016 Physician Recruitment Trends You Need to Know

As summer moves in so does the new recruitment season and according to the May/June issue of The New England Journal of Medicine's piece regarding "The Medicus Firm’s 2016 Provider Placement Summary", Primary Care is still the largest area of placement for physicians. In 2015, that summary reported…


Boomerang Recruitment – How to Capitalize on this 2016 Hiring Trend

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, boomeranging or boomerang recruitment basically means sourcing candidates that have already left one company for another and have decided to come back to the first for one reason or another. In the past and somewhat in the present, boomerang candidates…

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