Why Inbound Recruitment Marketing Is Not Enough

Inbound marketing and in particular inbound recruitment marketing is really beginning to take off, but the fact is, purchasing a platform alone will not provide you with the candidates you need to meet your needs.

After becoming Hubspot, Inbound, Email and Agency certified through Hubspot, we have come to realize that the most important aspect of inbound recruitment marketing is the human touch. Previously, we’ve written about how busy recruiters are, so it makes sense that they would outsource their inbound efforts, however, it is extremely important that they realize who is behind the effort.

New companies and products are popping up all the time with strong sales pitches about how their platform can provide an all-inclusive solution that will build you the talent network of your dreams. Yes, they can provide the platform (sometimes called a CRM), but will they be there when you need timely, personal support?

Here’s how Harger Howe provides inbound recruitment marketing to our clients:

1. You Are Part of a Team


While myself or another associate may be your inbound point person, all our team members know how to help you. Our web designers are full service providers of SEO and HTML information. Our President is sales and inbound savvy. Our Account Coordinators know the ins and outs of our clients’ needs. Our social media staff are always researching and posting about new trends. Our copywriters produce new and topical content. We understand your business and we find you customized solutions to whatever problem you may be having. We work tirelessly because your success is our success and we genuinely want to see your business thrive.

2. We Really Think About Your Content

With a larger company, you may find issues that are a result of mass produced content. We don’t treat our clients like numbers. We have goals, but those goals are highly individualized based on your profile. We create content we believe your ideal candidate persona would find valuable and we communicate with you along the way. In some cases we act as ghostwriters who choose the content and in other cases we establish an ongoing relationship with a point of contact in your office who signs off on each item piece by piece. Whatever your needs, we will work to achieve them.

3. Our Premium Content Isn’t Outsourced

We create all of our own infographics, interactive quizzes, and e-books and we do the same for our clients. We learnedinbound marketing by using it for our own promotion and making by it a company-wide priority. And, since we don’t outsource those valuable pieces, we can make edits as soon as you need them. We are responsive design.

4. We Are Full Service

As previously mentioned, we have digital designers, copywriters, social media specialists, sales executives and more here at Harger Howe. Whatever idea you have for your inbound recruitment marketing, we can and will execute it.

5. We Have References


We strive to make personal connections with our clients. Many of our customers have taken us with them when they move to new companies and numerous clients have maintained our services long past our initial contact’s retirement. If you’d like to speak to our references, we’re more than happy to send you a list.


Recruitment microsites and social media career pages are large pieces of an effective inbound recruitment marketing strategy. We’ve created several tools to demonstrate their value for our Recruiters Toolbox. All tools are free and can be accessed below.

Recruiter's Toolbox