Fresh Spring Recruitment Ideas That Work

Spring officially started yesterday, and for those of us here in New England who’ve been living under the reign of Snow Miser, we’re happy to usher in a new season. And, of course with that new season comes new recruitment demands. Candidates are ready to thaw out and look for new careers. With that in mind, here are some spring recruitment ideas that will bring in top talent for your organization

Walk-in Events

With the warm weather just around the corner, now is the time to start literally inviting candidates to check out your company. We recommend hosting a series of walk-in events for a variety of positions. In our experience the best way that you can promote these events is with a combination of radio campaigns, social media advertising, niche job board posts and a well-designed direct mail piece.

In the past, we’ve seen walk-in events provide great recruitment results for many areas including nursing, support staff of all kinds and retail. Spring is a time when people start reassessing their careers. Keep the event casual and let the opportunities within your company speak for themselves.

Themed Events

Warmer weather means that events can now be held outdoors (but don’t forget to consider a backup plan to avoid those spring showers). Location-themed recruitment events are always a big hit. Some draws include sports events at stadiums, events at historical places such as museums or interactive natural attractions like the local Audubon Society.

Depending on your aim, these events can cater to a whole family, which will help woo higher-level professionals into considering your company. Typically our clients choose to run raffles and/or give away entrance tickets to events with the caveat that they will also meet with recruiters. It should also be noted that we advise our clients to choose locations that offer free or pre-paid parking, on-site childcare and some form of delicious edible offering.

*Pro-tip: If you’re looking to reach new graduates, but want to make sure the talent is worth investing in, coordinate with a school and invite the top percentage of the class to join you. In the past we’ve run events called High Achiever Weekends to bring in nurse talent right out of school that were incredibly successful.

Personalized Remarketing

While this is something that can be utilized all yearlong, personalized remarketing is the perfect solution to finding more talent. You can conduct this type of marketing on Facebook with customized audiences, via an inbound recruitment marketing initiative utilizing lists of past applicants or by digging out lists from your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and sending out good old fashioned direct mail pieces to reengage you candidate audience. Whatever you do though, make sure to personalize. For instance, when doing a reengagement email marketing campaign, consider using personalization tokens like the candidate’s first name to get the best response rate.


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