Behind the Eight Ball – 5 Tips for Successful Last Minute Recruiting

Picture this. It’s 4:58pm on a Thursday or Friday. You have 42 open requisitions and only about three of them are going well. You’re stressed and can’t imagine how you’re going to get all of the necessary work done, however, you’re making it work. Then…your Director of Recruitment walks in and delivers another requisition. The problem with this one though is that it needs to be filled by the end of the month and it’s already the 15th!

This is what we call a “behind the eight ball” recruitment situation. The fact is, there is a distinct possibility that this requisition will not get filled unless you take immediate action. Here are five tips for successful last minute recruiting that will help you knock in that last ball with style.

1. Launch a Facebook Ad

If you want to start advertising quickly, Facebook is the perfect place to do so. Ad production can be completed within less than a day in conjunction with your recruitment advertising agency and the choice has benefits including:

  • Even if you don’t hit the target candidates right away, you will increase your recruitment brand awareness.
  • Targeting on Facebook is highly specialized and allows you to access many niche candidates directly.
  • Facebook recruitment advertising is pay-per-click so you won’t waste money on people who aren’t at least somewhat interested in the position.
  • Facebook has an Audience Network and Instagram placement ability, so your recruitment ad will reach an incredibly wide market almost instantaneously.

If you can only advertise your positions on one social networking platform, Facebook is the one to choose. If you have more money to spend, we recommend supplementing with LinkedIn and Twitter.


2. Submit the Listing to Indeed

If you’re going to choose a job board or job aggregator, the choice is simple. Indeed! It has consistently generated stellar results for our clients (especially the ones who choose to sign on for monthly sponsored job contracts). To demonstrate this point, Indeed put out a press release called Indeed is Leading Source of External Hires for Fifth Consecutive Year that featured data from Silkroad in which they noted that, “Indeed accounted for the majority of external online recruitment activity, delivering 58% of hires and interviews, up from 54% in 2015.” Those numbers aren’t easy to beat, which is why we recommend using Indeed to a wide variety of clients.

If you would like to explore Indeed sponsored job contract options, click here to speak with a Harger Howe Account Manager.

3. Start an Internal Referral Program

We realize it’s unrealistic to assume that one recruiter can start a full-blown referral program overnight, but there are elements that can be executed quickly. You’d be surprised at the effectiveness of table tents in break rooms, referral bonus promotions through internal email blasts and simple social postings on your Social Media Careers Pages can be. All of these items are typically very affordable and can be produced with the help of your recruitment advertising agency within a few days to a week depending on printing and design schedules.

If you’d like to talk to a Harger Howe Account Manager about Referral Programs, click here.

4. Radio

Did you know that you can have a radio spot launched almost overnight? It’s true! In some cases there are hold ups if you are using external voice talent, but if you work with a recruitment advertising agency Account Manager, they can write copy for you, contact their preferred vendors, send it to you for approval and have you up and running like that! Depending on the position, radio is an incredibly effective and quick solution to time-sensitive hiring issues.


5. Craigslist

Silly though it may seem in the world of big sites like the above mentioned Indeed, Craigslist is still effective. Some of our own hires have come from that site. The key is to write an engaging job description that makes it clear that you are a legitimate company with transparent job expectations. And, if you don’t know what points to highlight in that description, your Account Manager can help you.


Are you feeling better? Good! You’re not? That’s okay! We’re here to help.

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