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Better Ways of Screening Applicants with Indeed

Are you struggling with using Indeed to make new hires? Maybe you’re frustrated by the lack of candidates you’re receiving, or you feel as though you’re not attracting the right job seekers. It could be that you just aren’t utilizing the platform to its full potential! There are several ways to…


More Effectively Navigate Indeed by Using Assessments

There’s no denying that when it comes to job boards and job aggregators, is the 800-pound gorilla. After all, they have all-but annihilated former competitors like Monster and SimplyHired. However, many recruiters and companies who are hosting their jobs on Indeed are not using it to the…


Behind the Eight Ball – 5 Tips for Successful Last Minute Recruiting

Picture this. It’s 4:58pm on a Thursday or Friday. You have 42 open requisitions and only about three of them are going well. You’re stressed and can’t imagine how you’re going to get all of the necessary work done, however, you’re making it work. Then…your Director of Recruitment walks in and…