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Talent Acquisition and the Art of Caring

No, it’s not February or the 14th, but we are definitely going to talk about love. Not the typically romanticized notion, but the love that should be present in a relationship between talent acquisition and candidates and a boss and their employees. Did you know that making an effort to “show the…


Benefits to Promote for Easier Talent Acquisition

Whether you’re targeting a Millennial or Gen X-er who is straight out of college with loans or an established Boomer who is used to having certain benefits provided, what you promote matters. Choosing the most popular benefits makes for easier talent acquisition and a healthier candidate pipeline.…


How Talent Acquisition Pros Can Help Candidates Achieve Their Dreams

In many industries, the unsung heroes are incredibly important to the success of companies. For instance, truly passionate talent acquisition professionals drive candidates toward careers they want and therefore contribute to better retention rates, a better workplace culture and an overall sense…


Why You Need to Build a Talent Community

Lately, “talent community” has become a new buzzword for recruiters. However, unlike some buzzwords that trend in certain age groups or for a limited amount of time like “squad” or “sick,” this word means something in a long-term sense. A talent community is a tool that all recruiters should be…


Don’t Miss Opportunities to Recruit Top Talent

It seems like every day there is a story in one industry or another about being in the right place at the right time and honestly, working on recruitment marketing is no different. Connections can be made at any time or at any place even if they aren’t relevant right away. Of course, there are…


Save Recruitment Dollars by Nurturing Your Internal Talent Pool

Last week I wrote about how a happy employee is an engaged employee (and vice versa) and while some may disagree with the statement, I think we can all agree that one thing that makes employees happy is the opportunity to advance. However, according to CareerBuilder, ”only 37 percent of companies…