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Employee Burnout: What Employers Need to Know & What They Can Do to Help

In 2019, when the World Health Organization officially defined and recognized “burnout” in their international classification of diseases as “a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed,” few could have predicted the life-changing…


Small Ways You Can Encourage Inclusivity in the Workplace

It is a universal truth that everyone in the world wants to feel accepted, so why should the workplace be any different? You’re right, it shouldn’t. But sometimes, small things make a workplace less inclusive without ever intending to do so. Today, we want to talk about some of the little things…


Talent Acquisition and the Art of Caring

No, it’s not February or the 14th, but we are definitely going to talk about love. Not the typically romanticized notion, but the love that should be present in a relationship between talent acquisition and candidates and a boss and their employees. Did you know that making an effort to “show the…


Using Social Media Effectively to Promote Employee Referral Programs

At this point in time, recruiters are aware that employee referral programs are highly successful. After all, according to ICIMS’ report The Impact of Successful Employee Referral Programs, “the majority of employers find that referred employees outperform other employees on most aspects of overall…


A Simple Way to Be An Employer of Choice

We exist in a world that provides us with limitless information of all kinds. What we don’t have though are many clear systems that help us sift through what is valuable and what isn’t. This is especially true when it comes to employee benefits.


The Real Definition of an Engaged Employee

This week I had the pleasure of reading Maren Hogan’s latest piece, ‘Engaged Employees’ and ‘Happy Employees’: Not Exactly Synonyms. I initially clicked the link because it’s a hot button topic and I was interested a the different perspective on the issue of employee happiness, but I found myself…