How to Make Healthcare Holidays Work for Your Recruitment Strategy

New year, new recruitment strategy!

With 2019 officially behind us, it’s time to gear up for a new season of hiring in 2020. Recruiters, are you struggling to develop a marketing strategy that will separate you from the competition? Look no further! We have a tip to help you elevate your recruitment efforts in the new year!

Healthcare Employee Recognition Holidays

Throughout the year, there are numerous recognition days for healthcare employees. From well-known observances like National Nurses week and National Doctor’s day, to others such as National Healthcare Facilities and Engineering Week and National Medical Librarians Month, there truly is a holiday to recognize every role in your organization.

So, how can you use these healthcare specific holidays to make your recruitment marketing strategy stronger? Check out our suggestions!

1. Host a Hiring Event

Hiring events are on the rise and remain one of the most effective ways to make multiple, timely hires. Sometimes, it’s difficult to come up with a creative idea to attract potential candidates to your event. Consider coordinating a hiring event with its associated healthcare holiday to celebrate and honor those in the field. Not only will this demonstrate appreciation for current employees, but for potential hires as well. Candidates will be able to interact and get to know your staff, giving them a better idea of who they’d work with on a day-to-day basis. Don’t pass up this networking opportunity for hard-to-fill hiring needs!

2. Social Media

Incorporating employee healthcare holidays into your social media strategy will enhance your company’s brand identity! Publicly recognizing the dedication and hard work of your current employees will attract potential candidates to work for your organization. Job seekers want to work for employers who care – and this is an easy way to display your appreciation.

3. Conferences

Is exhibiting at national healthcare conferences already part of your recruitment strategy? If not, it’s time to start! Most of these meetings are attended by individuals interested or open to a new career. Designated healthcare holidays will often correspond with national association conferences. Attending the conference will you face time with potential candidates, along with the opportunity to recognize healthcare professionals in person for their contributions to the field! To really make your mark, bring with you a giveaway to pass out at your table as a token of your appreciation!


With 2020 in full swing, it’s time to elevate your recruitment marketing strategy. Recognizing healthcare holidays is an effective way to attract top talent to your organization. If you’re not sure when these holidays take place, no worries! We’ve done the work for you. Download our complete 2020 Healthcare Employee Recognition Days Calendar by clicking on the image below!

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