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Driller Spending is on the Rise! Start Energy Recruiting NOW!

According to an article from the Houston Chronicle called Drillers spending increases indicate turning point for industry the Houston energy market is set to come back swinging. Several factors support this including increased 2017 monetary allocations for oil field operations and the possibility…


Top Recruitment Marketing Headlines for the Houston Energy Market

The Houston market has had a hard time over the last few years, but we are encouraged by the consistently positive headlines we’ve been seeing. These energy headlines are directly applicable to recruiters who want to start proactively planning their 2017 recruitment marketing budgets. Without…


Proactive Recruitment Strategies for the Energy Sector

Exactly this time last year The National's Business section was reporting the oil and gas industry could face a hiring freeze due to the low prices. In fact, according to that same article, jobs in the energy sector fell by 19% from the previous year’s numbers in just one month.