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Why Healthcare Systems Should Use SlideShare for Recruitment Branding and Marketing

Many of our clients use LinkedIn for their recruitment efforts; in fact, including active use of their recruiter seats. Recruiters typically use LinkedIn to advertise jobs, source candidate profiles, maintain company pages and run pay-per-click campaigns. However, surprisingly few recruiters…


Recruiting Trends – Be Prepared for Job-Hoppers

As early as 2015 TLNT HR was reporting in their blog “Hiring Job Hoppers: 10 Reasons Why They Are So Very Valuable” that, “changing jobs frequently has become the norm rather than the exception.” The fact is, the new norm is being open to many career opportunities and “hopping” when a better one…


Posting Updates that Matter on LinkedIn Company Pages and Profiles

In today’s world, most companies and their employees are on LinkedIn. However, lots of companies and individuals either underutilize or misuse their pages. In our business, we like to create career-based pages and recruiter profiles that engage current and potential employees while still remaining…

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