Why Inbound Recruitment Marketing Will Help Your 2017 SEO

On Black Friday, Govind Agarwal wrote an article for Business 2 Community called 6 Upcoming SEO Trends Set To Affect Your Ranking In 2017. In this article, Agarwal notes items including voice search technology, social media and more. What we want to cover today is why inbound recruitment marketing will help you with your SEO strategy as some of these changes unfold.

Voice Search

In Agarwal's words, “all the searches now performed are likely to be more of that conversation pattern.” This is great news for inbound recruitment marketers who already try to get into the mind of their ideal buyer. One of the primary standards of inbound marketing in general is zeroing in on how your buyer or candidate speaks and generating keywords around that speech. Keywords are chosen based on the needs of the candidate and are phrased as candidates would phrase them.

For instance, while a keyword can be as simple as recruitment marketing, a more successful strategy might be to use something like what is recruitment marketing or the best recruitment marketing agency around Burlington. Those who have already made a move into inbound are going to be in great shape for the New Year.

Long Content

While long-form blogs are fascinating, lots of candidates have either a short time to read or lack the attention span (at least during their work day or in their limited free time) to digest long-form content. This is also on par with what we wrote about last week regarding upcycling.

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Candidates need to be able to understand your information when they have time in a manner they like. That is why video is crucial to recruitment in 2017 and so is posting on multiple networks in unique, repackaged ways that are decidedly not long-form.

Social SEO

For years our agency has advocated for strong social media careers pages. Why? It’s because that is where people are spending their time. It’s where your candidates are.

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According to Argarwal, “when you search for a company in Google, its Facebook or Twitter page comes in the first two options. This shows a growing trend in users favouring social content more than the content on the company’s website.”

Basically, while you still need a strong, clear web presence via your actual company website, the social networks are becoming more and more valuable by the day and should be a main focus of your recruitment strategy. A weak social media career page could lose you candidate leads.


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