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It's All About the Image: Recruitment Marketing with Pinterest

Though recruitment marketers aren’t heavily using Pinterest yet for sourcing, they should really begin to build it into their social media budgets for 2017. According to a recent article from the Wall Street Journal called Pinterest showing it can compete with Facebook, Twitter Pinterest has 150…


The Power of Pictures - Pinterest as a Sourcing Tool for Recruiters

As a photographer, I am always a huge proponent of visuals, but how effective are they really? Well, according to Industry West, a modern furnishing company, “As a result of our investment in Promoted Pins, Pinterest drove 77% more online conversions than other social platforms and has become the…


Why Pinterest is a Great Recruitment Tool

Though Pinterest is used by a large percentage of people for things like DIY and recipes, it is SO much more beneficial than that. Pinterest is an avenue that companies can use to market different types of offers in a more casual, visual way. Therefore, people who are genuinely interested in your…