Why Pinterest is a Great Recruitment Tool

Though Pinterest is used by a large percentage of people for things like DIY and recipes, it is SO much more beneficial than that. Pinterest is an avenue that companies can use to market different types of offers in a more casual, visual way. Therefore, people who are genuinely interested in your content will find it on Pinterest and will put it onto new boards thus broadening your reach significantly.

One of the best ways to casually use Pinterest as a recruiter is to post job seeker and candidate tips. For instance, you can pin blog articles or online resources that you have generated to your boards and ultimately direct candidates back to your website where, with any luck they will find your ATS and apply for a job. In addition, Pinterest allows people to send pins to friends and colleagues, so it is very possible that your article will be shared through multiple channels if you pin it.

By it’s own definition, Pinterest is, the visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas.” It really is a world of possibilities as the word creative is incredibly open. Bearing that in mind, here are some great ways to use Pinterest for recruitment.

Create Custom Boards for Different Job Disciplines

One of the best ways to do this is by department. Human Resources, Administrative Professionals, Creative Designers, Surgeons, and Nurses are just a few topic ideas. You can make these boards relevant by adding things like hashtags, keywords and appropriate imagery that ultimately direct people back to a job board.

Push Company Culture

Most people are looking for a job that fulfills them professionally and personally. Pinterest is a channel that is perfect for sharing pictures of your staff enjoying themselves. Consider uploading snapshots of people at events, giving back to the community or just loving their jobs. This is quite possibly the best way to grow your recruitment brand.

Add Video!

Video is something people just love to share. Pinning videos of your employees or about your company in general is very engaging and could increase your website traffic.


Users can send each other messages on Pinterest, but the most efficient way to get an interested candidate into a recruitment pipeline is to migrate them to another one of your social networks such as LinkedIn. Including links to those networks and including ways that you can be contacted will move people closer and closer to real-time interactions on a recruiter/candidate level.


Bottom line? Pinterest is a GREAT recruitment tool and you can start using it today! However, if you need a little more help...

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