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Recruitment Marketing Best Practices for Indeed Job Postings

We have many clients who like to utilize Indeed to promote open positions. In fact, since Indeed is a job aggregator, chances are their jobs are already on it among the other 500,000. We assist our clients in managing what is known as sponsored or Pay Per Click based jobs that reside at the top of…


Is Your ATS Helping or Hurting Your Recruiting?

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) serves the same ultimate goal as a real recruiter; to seek to sort, identify, and recruit the best job candidates. ATS recruiting can save significant time and money in the areas of sorting and separating applicants who meet your needs from those who don’t.…


Stay Current! Recruiting Trends to Watch for 2016

In the world of recruitment it is absolutely essential that you learn how to ride the waves of change. Several years ago, recruiters would post print ads in journals as their primary often their only form of advertising, but along with the emergence of new media and sourcing methods, the field has…

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