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Social Media Strategy: Are You Customizing it for Recruitment?

What is social media recruitment? Simply put, it is the use of social media platforms to inform relevant talent of opportunities within your company. While millennials make up the largest group of social media users, the 45-64 demographic is rapidly becoming more active. Social media recruiting…


Trust in Advertising: Maximizing Your Ad Budget

Having been in the ad business for almost 25 years, I have always been awestruck by how fast advertising and technology evolve together – technology is continuously creating new ways of sending out advertising messages and connecting and interacting with people. Today not only do we use smart…


Branding and Recruitment Advertising: Partners in Crime

A large percentage of our recruitment clients end up running to us in a panic when they need advertising. Why you ask? They are tearing their hair out every day because they operate in a reactionary way.

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