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Attracting Candidates with Competitive Physician Salaries

Did you know that 59% of the candidates surveyed in Career Builder’s 2016 Candidate Behavior Study stated that a higher base salary would make them look for a new position? That’s over half of the candidate pool! In addition, according to that same study, 76% of employed workers are actively…


5 Best Recruiting Practices for All Types of Companies

Recruiting, as you know is a competitive industry. Candidates are here today, gone tomorrow and recruiters are left constantly trying to stay ahead of the curve. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the number of searches assigned per recruiter or the general process, but if you follow these best…


Register for Success – Event Microsites for Recruitment

In past years, job fairs have been on the decline due to overhead costs and the economic dip, but recently we have seen a resurgence in this method of recruiting, particularly in the healthcare sector. Unlike past events though, these new events are tightly focused on a theme and are accompanied by…


3 Tips to Acquire and Retain Top Talent in the Physician Sector

Physicians are among the hardest candidates to recruit. Healthcare in general is a field that is stacked with competition with some openings taking months to fill. In fact, the ASPR In-House Physician Recruitment Benchmarking Report from 2015 states, “Advanced Practice searches were filled in 95…


Recruiters: Make Your LinkedIn Recruiting Strategies More Effective

Recruiters are some of the busiest people in the world, so it goes without saying that they don’t want to waste a minute of their day. One main ingredient in the sourcing candidate recipe is effective LinkedIn recruiting strategies since the platform is both useful for filling positions and…


Do You Have a Diversity Recruiting Plan?

In 2014, McKinsey researched hundreds of global companies, and released a report on diversity in the workplace. Some of the facts they discovered about the current state were shocking. Not only is lack of corporate diversity a problem; the situation is actually getting worse.

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