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Physician Job Advertising That Will Pass the Blink Test

The age of mobile optimization (and therefore smaller screens) has made it absolutely crucial that job descriptions for physicians are blink test approved. So…what is the blink test? Well, it’s a 3-5 second time period that you have to capture the attention of a candidate. It’s not long! And, given…


3 Tips to Acquire and Retain Top Talent in the Physician Sector

Physicians are among the hardest candidates to recruit. Healthcare in general is a field that is stacked with competition with some openings taking months to fill. In fact, the ASPR In-House Physician Recruitment Benchmarking Report from 2015 states, “Advanced Practice searches were filled in 95…


How to Make Your Physician Recruitment Campaign More Effective

One of the most significant things that impact the bottom line of a health care facility is its physicians. Doctors drive revenue and fill an important need for the local community. While physician recruitment should always be a top priority, often it is not and this is mostly due to confusion on…


Physician Recruitment - Doing it Right!

In order for a hospital or medical center to run effectively and efficiently they need a full staff of qualified physicians. The bottom line in each organization is tied to the medical staff’s ability to see patients and provide the appropriate services. You can assign a direct dollar amount to…

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