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What it Takes to Run a Successful Facebook Careers Page

In the recruitment advertising business, we create a lot of social media career pages for clients and over time we’ve found that certain elements make different platforms successful. For a Facebook careers page to be effective, it needs to contain the right content, the right calls to action and…


On Air: Facebook Live for Recruiting

Periscope and Twitch have been popular for some time among the general public, but have you considered using Facebook Live for recruiting? For those of you who don't know Facebook Live is, Forbes describes it as, "a new feature for its users, capitalizing on the recent trends of online video…


Inbound Recruitment Marketing Best Practices You’ll Love

There are a lot of facets to inbound marketing, but in my mind the word that describes it best is genuine. To be an inbound marketer, you need to genuinely want to help the population you are marketing to. Instead of pushing information out that people may not want to see, inbound marketing offers…


2016 – The Year for Microsites and Social Media Career Pages

The end of November is coming too quickly and soon December will be upon us. As we all know that the end of the year races by like an Olympic runner, so the best thing to do with the time you have left is to plan for next year. What sort of goals does your company have for the New Year? Perhaps…


Making the Leap: Social Media Career Pages

In today’s recruitment market, companies that are marketing themselves in a traditional manner are finding it harder to find talent. Print ads, radio and billboards are simply not cutting it anymore (at least on their own) so we are finding that the most successful companies are reassessing their…


Why You Should Create Separate Social Media Career Pages for Recruiting

When people mention social branding they are typically talking about a company on the whole, but niche markets such as healthcare recruitment need to play the game a little differently. At Harger Howe we produce and manage separate career-based pages for Twitter and Facebook for a number of our…

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