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30 Tweet Worthy Twitter Tips

Twitter is a very useful recruitment tool. As of March 31,2016, Twitter stated that there are 310 million monthly users! Another important note is that 83% of Twitter users are using the network via mobile in an increasingly mobile world. Twitter has become a highly relevant facet in peoples’ work…


LinkedIn Company Pages: Maximize Your Employee Engagement

One of the greatest resources for LinkedIn recruiters and LinkedIn users is SlideShare. For instance, though SlidesShare can be used by anyone, LinkedIn actually produces unique presentations that delves into all manner of subject matter. One of the most recent presentations, 15 Tips for Compelling…


The Power of Pictures - Pinterest as a Sourcing Tool for Recruiters

As a photographer, I am always a huge proponent of visuals, but how effective are they really? Well, according to Industry West, a modern furnishing company, “As a result of our investment in Promoted Pins, Pinterest drove 77% more online conversions than other social platforms and has become the…


Recruitment Marketing Best Practices for Healthcare Systems

Recruitment marketing and recruitment branding are different than what you think of as “product marketing.” Product marketing is often though of as “sexy and innovative,” but although you may not think of recruitment marketing as “sexy,” you should definitely think of it as innovative. The fact is;…


Twitter Recruitment Tips That Will Make Your Heart Skip a Beat!

Though incredibly successful, Twitter advertising is still relatively new. The best thing about this platform is that it allows a lot of flexibility when it comes to targeting. You can run Twitter campaigns to gain followers, garner website clicks, increase your engagement, have people install your…


Twitter Basics – Social Recruiting for Beginners

So you’ve been told that you need to be more active on Twitter as a recruiter, right? Well for most people that really boils down to where do you start? What’s a retweet and how do you contact people? What in the WORLD does DM mean? Don’t panic! We’re here to decode and define these terms for you…

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