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Social Media 101

To millennials, social media is a part of every day life, but to someone from the baby boomer generation it may seem like a whole other world. The concept of being social through a screen can definitely feel like you’ve entered the twilight zone and it’s hard to know which way to turn. What is…


Avoid These Common Instagram Mistakes

Instagram is a powerful tool when used correctly. The app's community is made up of 300 Million active user accounts. With over 30 Billion photos shared, it is easy to fade into the clutter. Prevent that from happening to your account by avoiding these common mistakes.


HubSpot #INBOUND15 Newbies

One of the top inbound marketing conferences in our industry is coming Boston, Massachusetts next week. This year will be Harger Howe’s inaugural year attending and we are looking forward to soaking up all the current inbound information we can handle.


Why You Should Create Separate Social Media Career Pages for Recruiting

When people mention social branding they are typically talking about a company on the whole, but niche markets such as healthcare recruitment need to play the game a little differently. At Harger Howe we produce and manage separate career-based pages for Twitter and Facebook for a number of our…

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