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Making the Right Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner Job Offer

According to Becker’s Hospital Review’s Emerging compensation trends for advanced practice clinicians infographic, “Advanced practice clinicians — nurse practitioners and physician assistants — are among the fastest growing occupations in the U.S. labor force.” And, when a particular profession…


Save Recruitment Dollars by Isolating Toxic Workers

Recently, I read an interesting paper called "Toxic Workers" by Michael Houseman and Dyland Minor of Cornerstone OnDemand and Harvard Business School respectively. The article pointed out that relatively little research has been conducted regarding how to isolate so called “toxic workers” who are…


Houston Hiring Challenges for the Construction Industry

In Houston, the demand for highly qualified construction workers has many companies facing unique construction hiring challenges. The demand for workers with various specialized certifications has construction companies scrambling to attract and retain qualified, reliable employees.


Less than Ordinary Marketing

Photo courtesy of My Mobile Billboard This past month, Dartmouth-Hitchcock came to us requesting a less than ordinary marketing strategy for a convention they were attending. They mentioned that they were seeking something memorable and creative and the statement that stuck with us was simple,…


So What IS a Microsite?

At Harger Howe we love microsites for recruitment, but we realize that not everyone is familiar with the term so we thought we’d explain it. What is a microsite? Well, like the name implies, it’s a small site, but it is SO much more!


How NOT to Get Hired

We don’t hire a lot of people, but when we do, we try to write a job description that is accurate, funny and engaging for our audience. We recognize that in order to hire the best people, we need to communicate our needs and desires for any new role. If we do a good job explaining the requirements…

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